Programmes Overview



Transcending Stress 

Our approach is unique and our courses are very different. We step our clients beyond mindfulness (in the fragmented mind) into the infinite mind: there lies the untapped potential that is the essence of our work.  We have designed a blended learning approach for  the corporate environment, which enables  employees to transcend stress and thrive. Three two hour workshops over several months, combined with ten minute daily practises, will transform your organisation.


Enlightened Leaders

The new way in leadership, awakening the innate soul within individuals and the collective, and empowering leaders to be at their most inspirational,    purposeful and compassionate, thus creating harmonious organisations that will change the world for the better.

Enlightened Leaders is a new way for a new time. All around us the world is changing faster than we can comprehend and the Enlightened Leaders will be those that lead organisations into that new future.

This transformational Programme will create the Leaders for the Future Generations.

Enlightened Coaching

Our Coaching and Mentoring programmes are flexible and designed to suit the individual, whether they be a new leader or a someone who is suffering from stress and requires deeper more personal work than the group workshops provide.    


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I thought I had made up my mind about mindfulness, but this was so powerful. I had tried the breathing stuff before, but in the session I achieved a peace of mind I have not had before. The voice in my head can be really loud, and it quietened enough for me to hear what I really want.
— HR Director