Our Story

Karen Fletcher and Tara Zutshi founded Corporate Soul Consulting after many years working in leading organisations, including Mars, Deloitte, Energizer, Walkers and Molson Coors. They have also run their own businesses. Committed to pioneering a new vision of hope within the Corporate Community. They have both experienced the peace, inspiration and purpose that can be achieved through meditation. Karen has been teaching and training consultants in this methodology for the last ten years. 

In 2016 they founded Corporate Soul Ltd to take this inspired approach to the corporate world. 

Karen Fletcher and Tara Zutshi

Karen Fletcher and Tara Zutshi

The Team

Senior Associates and Enlightened Coaches

Ann McCluskey

Ann McCluskey

Ann’s corporate career spans a range of service organisations, which include Royal Mail - Royal Sun Alliance - Navy, Army, and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI)- and the NHS, where her experience is grounded in the impact on people during transition and transformational change. Leading change ‘with and through’ people has provided an insight into the way in which some resist change while others have the capacity to adapt to often traumatic life changes.

Ann’s most recent corporate role was Deputy Director of Transformation & Organisational Development at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, where she supported a significant programme of change in the redesign of all clinical services and support functions throughout the Trust.

An Associate for Corporate Soul Consulting and a ‘Bridging Minds’ Practitioner, Ann takes a creative approach in enabling individuals to move beyond ‘one-track thinking’, by accessing their insight and encouraging them to take inspired action, in order to achieve their full potential. With teams, Ann facilitates transformational change, strengthening relationships, and developing leadership and organisational capability.


Jane Tai

Jane Tai

After 10 years as an international, corporate lawyer working for leading law firms in London, Hong Kong and Singapore, illness forced Jane into a "crisis of transformation" and a deep personal and spiritual awakening.  Unleashing her entrepreneurial spirit, she set up her own legal training company.  Basing her business on enlightened business principles, the company was hugely successful, taking 40% of the market in under 3 months.  After selling her training business to a multinational corporation in 2001, Jane began working with others to guide them through their own transformations, to find the benefits of inner harmony and turn pain and struggle into joyful thriving.

An Associate for Corporate Soul Consulting, Jane takes a deeply compassionate and inspired approach to help people and businesses evolve from lack and limitation to vision, freedom and joy, so that they can awaken to their soul, shine their light, and live from a place where life has a deep sense of meaning and purpose.

Jane Curry

Jane Curry

Jane has worked within the IT Industry for over thirty years working in both the Private and Public Sectors. Her career has been based on delivering and enhancing the way IT is provided, focusing on the implementation of best practise. Having worked within both local authorities and organisations such as DHL and Ericsson, she recognises the need for managing stress effectively and the value of having a greater understanding of what life is truly about.


Friends of Corporate Soul

Arun D. Sharma

Arun D. Sharma

Arun was born and raised in London, but moved to India at an early age where he was schooled by the local Yogi outside Dehradun near the mountains. Every day before class he was taught various forms of Yoga including advanced breathwork techniques.  From a young age Arun has also trained in martial arts, with specific interest in Chinese Internal Arts such as Yiquan, Qigong and Tai-Chi Chuan. 

Arun is the founder of Via Anima, an innovative holistic health and exercise business that combines a varied and expansive approach to teaching movement and meditation in group classes and private sessions. He currently holds a weekly class in Embankment.

Having worked for many years as a gardener and spending much of his time in nature, Arun builds this awareness into his professional practice. And from his comprehensive studies in strategy and philosophy, and extensive research into ancient history, he incorporates relevant awareness as part of his methodology. Arun also leads Mindful Walks in Nature, a monthly hike through the surrounding countryside of Greater London.

He has collaborated with Karen Fletcher for a number of years as assistant and instructor in retreats both in the UK and abroad.

Arun is a REPS member and Level 3 Personal Trainer and holds a BA in War, Peace and International Relations from the University of Reading. Arun is also an Actor and graduate of East 15 Acting School. 

If you would like to know more about how we can help your organisation then please get in touch email tara@corporatesoulconsulting.com or call Tara on 07816 908 662


“So much of what I encounter in leaders today is not a lack of skill or knowledge, but a lack of connection with themselves and with the people around them. The frenetic busyness and ever increasing demands that are made on all of us makes it challenging to even think about carving out the time to consider what that busyness does to our relationships, our effectiveness or impact. The simple and yet powerful transcending stress techniques give me the opportunity to model what is possible when that connection to my own authentic self is re-established." Occupational Psychologist and L&D professional

"Karen is an extremely insightful teacher and her workshops are always an absolute pleasure. Since working with her my experience and attitudes about work have transformed in a very positive way. Despite working in the frantic world of investment banking, the Corporate Soul practices have instilled a real sense pf peace within me. It still amazes me how much 10 minute practices can shift things. They enable me to start and /or finish my day in a connected, expansive and calm state and that is no easy feat when life is also very demanding. This work is to be treasured. " Project Manager Investment Bank

"The Corporate Soul practices created a welcome opportunity to take 'time out' to re-appraise my priorities - a breathing space within a hectic and demanding life, with lots of 'doing' and not enough 'being'. I had experienced mindfulness before and found it great for focusing my mind, but the Corporate Soul approach is so much more..... For me, the body work enabled me to release trapped energy and tension which had probably been stored for some time. Like everyone who has a busy mind, I relished the chance to get out of my head and pay attention to my body. The practices are simple, yet so powerful, and are accessible to everyone whether they are at home or in the office. They have become a daily part of my self-care and have contributed significantly to my quality of life and overall wellbeing. I would strongly recommend the practices for individuals, healthcare workers, patients, and organisations alike." HR Director NHS


''I thoroughly enjoyed the Mindfulness and Meditation sessions Tara held.  After each session, I left the class feeling relaxed and more positive about my week ahead and how I was hoping to approach various situations.  Tara always made everyone feel most welcome and encouraged the group to discuss various common issues and experiences we had.  I particularly benefited from candle meditation and surprisingly I also enjoyed the chanting session we did. I now recognize the onset of potential stress and now control the episode by deep breathing, concentrating on clearing negative thoughts from my mind instead of allowing them to take hold."  Radiologist NHS

"I thought I had made up my mind about mindfulness, but this was so powerful. I had tried the breathing stuff before, but in the session I achieved a peace of mind I have not had before. The voice in my head can be really loud, and it quietened enough for me to hear what I really want."  HR Director

"One of the problems with stress is the insidious way it creeps up on you; I have personal experience of how the cumulative effect can have a significant impact on your health and well-being. The Corporate Soul Stress Management Programme taught me how to recognise the early symptoms of stress and deal with them before that damage reoccurred. It has raised my awareness of how stress affects my body and has given me strategies for minimising the symptoms. This awareness, along with regular use of the stress-management practises, have been invaluable to me, both at work and more generally; I am calmer, happier and healthier than I have ever been. Thank you!"  Senior Leader Education Sector

“I have found these techniques invaluable to calm myself down and focus.”

“Tara’s sessions have helped me become less stressed and focus on the things that are important.”

“Being a very busy professional and mum, transferring between these roles is not always smooth, meditation allows me to focus on the task at hand and my children notice how much calmer I am and in a nicer mood.”  Project Manager Pharmaceuticals


·      Corporate Soul’s unique approach focuses not just on the individual, but also on the health & harmony of the Organisation as a whole providing the solutions to move into thrive mode, bringing purpose to life and awakening the light at the heart of the people and the company.


·      In Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 our work with Semafone allowed around 50 employees to experience techniques that can be used at home and at the desk, including device ‘switching off’ practices. We also focussed on breathing life into the Semafone values.

·      In 2018 we went deeper, embedding on a regular basis the Transcending Stress practices as well as bringing to life alternative and inspiring perspectives on purpose and values.  We also be offered individual & group coaching/counselling to create engagement and integration, bringing a greater harmony to Semafone as a whole.

There is a point where movement meets stillness and purpose meets action, at this point, everything is possible.
— Corporate Soul Consulting